Millions protest in Pakistan over Imran Khan's removal

Millions protest in Pakistan over Imran Khan's removal

Image Credit – Reuters

Pakistan – Millions of Pakistani nationals throughout the world were seen protesting against the removal of former Prime Minister Imran Khan from his office through an alleged US-Backed “No-Confidence” motion.

On Sunday night, the nation witnessed one of the biggest protest in history as tens of thousands of Imran Khan supporters marched in key cities across Pakistan including the capital city of Islamabad in solidarity with their leader.

“Waving national & party flags, shouting slogans in support of Imran Khan & against the newly elected Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, the protesters were seen calling Imran Khan's opposition leaders as “Traitors” & something like “US-Backed Dalals”.

The overseas nationals of the country also recorded their protests against the newly elected government in various countries across the globe including in Dubai, London & Austria.

The removal of Khan from his office has set the nation on an uncertain political crisis, with the majority of nation's population taking to the streets in solidarity with the former cricketer-turned politician (Imran Khan).

Khan was removed from office on Sunday after 174 members of parliament in 342-seat National Assembly – voted in favour of opposition's No-Confidence motion against Khan, which the former government called a “US-Backed” regime change conspiracy.