Night parking for aircrafts to start at Srinagar, Jammu airport from April 21


Srinagar__ The late evening stopping office for the airplanes at Srinagar and Jammu air terminal will begin from April 21th of this current month, said an authority.

A high ranking representative let Rising Kashmir know that after the Airport Authority of India (AAI) recently concurred endorsement for 'Late evening Parking' authorization at Srinagar and Jammu Airport, late evening stopping office at Jammu and Srinagar air terminal will begin from April 21 for Go First aircrafts.

"The late evening stopping office will be begun at both the air terminals of J&K from April 21 of this current month and with this expansion there will be more night flights appearances and early flight takeoffs from both the air terminals of UT," the authority said.

Prior in a correspondence alluding to Go Airlines (India) Ltd. for their use of permitting openings for late evening stopping at Srinagar and Jammu, Airport Authority of India (AAI) in a correspondence said that the previously mentioned demand for Night Parking consent was inspected and the Competent Authority (AAI) agreed endorsement.

In the mean time, the authority said that the move is planned to facilitate the going for all, and extraordinarily to the people who plan a solitary day air travel.

The authorities further said that the move is expected to produce increasingly more the travel industry in the UT of J&K, as the public authority in interview with the AAI is intending to increment more flight developments.

Strikingly, the improvement has come when the public authority of Jammu and Kashmir has proactively scrutinized the permitting of 'Late evening Parking' at Srinagar and Jammu air terminal with Airport Authority of India (AAI).