PUBG Addiction - Definition, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Player Unknown’s Battleground, commonly known as PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game in which upto 100 players take part at a time & fight with one another. It is one among the most popular mobile games of recent years.

The game is based on the idea of surviving till the end & killing other players before they kill you. The last surviving player wins the game & is rewarded with royal pass (level).

With such countless individuals online, taking an interest in playing this game consistently, many pubg competitions are being organised throughout the world at present which has fueled the downloading rate of this video game.

Nonetheless, aside from the entertainment & fun, the game is becoming addictive rapidly as the thrill of being the last survivor keeps us hooked to the game.

It has prompted numerous well-being related problems and behavioural issues among its players or users. The addiction to pubg has increased to such an extent that several cases of self-harm and suicides have been reported in different countries. As a result of which, several countries have officially banned this game in recent years.

Symptoms and Warning Signs Of Pubg Addiction

• Continuos and increasing urge to play Pubg

• Spending too much time on the game or playing the game without getting bored

 Can't concentrate on other things while playing

 Getting Angry if disturbed during the game

 Can't sleep without playing atleast one Pubg match in a day

 Not being able to avoid playing Pubg or playing less

 Always thinking about pubg throughout the day

 Spending money in purchasing things within the game or upgrading royale pass or completing daily tasks in the game.

 Feelings of restlessness and/or irritability if not played Pubg for 1 or few days.

 Eye strain due to intense concentration while playing Pubg

 Avoiding friends, family members or loved ones for spending more time on playing Pubg

 Wasting time on activities related to Pubg or avoiding avoiding doing things or activities that you used to like

 Problems in relationships, work, school, or even home because of your Pubg playing habit

 Playing Pubg frequently to ease bad moods and bad feelings

PUBG Addiction Treatment 

Ways to Control PUBG Game

1. Never leave yourself alone, always do something because often we start playing games on our smartphone when we are free, so what to keep yourself busy with.

2. Increase the interaction with the people close to you, which will divert your attention from that game, because today we do not have many friends, then we start making friends online, which leaves our relationship with the real world, so mail yourself Increase the tone.

3. Do not make friends to play in this game because by doing this you become more attracted to this game so if possible play this game alone.

4. Spend time with your family, the real reason is that today we prefer to play online games instead of spending time with our family, which we get addicted to.

5. The best way to improve and control yourself is to do meditation, so if you want to get rid of PUBG Game Addiction, then you should do daily meditation, this is the best way. 

6. Play offline instead of online gaming, pay more attention to the games you know because it makes you physically and mentally healthy and also gets rid of the habit of online games.

7. Do the work that you enjoy the most to quit PUBG Game Addiction because by doing this you will not be able to think much about the PUBG game and you will get rid of this game.

8. In the early days, decide how long and when you have to play the game and then you have to follow it, by doing this you will learn to control yourself.

9. Often, due to not getting sleep on time at night, we start playing games at night, which also changes our life circle, so make a habit of getting up on time at night and on time in the morning.

Keep these things in mind to control Pubg Addiction

=> Learn to say No More to your mobile and games

=> Learn to meditate and do meditation

=> Do not stop playing the game at once, reduce gradually.

=> Give importance to your important work first

=> Do not use mobile too close to the eyes

=> Stop playing games at night.

=> Don't make PUBG Game Team with friends

=> Since the game runs online, use a pack with internet data per day of 1GB or less.

=> Use lenses to protect your eyes while playing games.